Roaming profile not updating on logoff

These accounts are generally only provided to graduate students who require Windows for their research.Your user profile stores your individual settings under Windows.The roaming and synchronization group policy settings turn View Persona Management on and off, set the location of the remote profile repository, determine which folders and files belong to the user profile, and control how to synchronize folders and files.

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User profiles vary depending on which version of Windows an organization uses, but most Windows versions include a folder named C:\Users.

A user's profile lives there in another folder usually titled with the user's name or an identifying number that IT assigns.

There are two types of windows profiles, local and roaming (default for most users).

Roaming Profile A roaming profile is the default profile type within the department; it will follow you to any computer that you work on.

You will be able to access your new profile from any other computer you want to work on.

Local Profile The local profile is not the default type of profile within the department, but rather is when the data and config files are kept on the local machine.When this setting is enabled, you can use the text box, you specify a UNC path to a network share that is accessible to View Persona Management desktops.This setting lets View Persona Management control the location of the user profile repository.You are then able to use that computer as it if were your personal computer even if it is not.At the end of your session when you log off, your roaming profile is updated on Demeter with any changes you have made on that computer though a few cache directories are excluded.When the setting is enabled, you can specify a profile upload interval in minutes.

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