Restore iphone jailbroken without updating

(If your device is stuck on the Apple logo and you want to restore it, you may have to put the device into DFU mode before i Tunes can read it.

You can do this by plugging your device into a computer that has i Tunes installed, holding the power (lock) button and home button for 10 seconds, then releasing the power button while you keep holding the home button for another 15 seconds.

You've heard correctly - tapping "Erase All Content and Settings" on a jailbroken device will just cause it to get stuck on the Apple logo while booting until you restore it with i Tunes (because the filesystems of jailbroken devices are slightly rearranged).

The only way to remove the jailbreak from a jailbroken device is to restore it with i Tunes on a computer.

The method involves using Copy Trans Shelbee which is compatible with all i OS devices including the i Phone 7 and all i OS versions including i OS 10.

A friend has an i Phone and they need to wipe it and remove the jailbreak on it. The problem is they don't have access to a computer with i Tunes on it to do this. Will doing an 'erase all content and settings' lock the phone?

Then i Tunes should recognize it and allow you to restore it.) Thank you for your interest in this question.

Although, after completing the process and starting over you may get a brief dpkg error when installing Yalu again but this is completely normal and can be corrected by just dismissing it and ignoring it.

So you need to delete the jailbreak before taking your i Phone for repairs.

A lot of people also remove the jailbreak when they want to sell off their i OS device, because a buyer who doesn’t like jailbreaks might not like the fact that the i Phone was jailbroken before.

We will use OSRestore X tool developed by Nathan to accomplish this task.

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