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Celebrity reporter Sandro Monetti, a director at Bafta LA, who has met and interviewed Clooney several times says: "What's different here is that George has finally found a woman who stimulates him intellectually as well as physically.He's a smart guy who was just waiting for his intellectual equal to come along."Monetti, who performs a hit one-man stage show called Clooney, Cowell, Pitt And Me: Amusing Encounters With The A-List, adds: "His previous relationships tended to last two years and then were suddenly all over. That's usually the make or break stage of any relationship and George decided to make a break rather than string them along."But he has treated all his exes well and generously, which is shown by the fact that none of them have sold a kiss and tell story on him."Until now, Clooney's most enduring companion was the pot-bellied pig he bought for ex-girlfriend Kelly Preston, 51, with whom he lived before marrying Balsam.

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Several movie parts in low-key and limited release features such as Appaloosa (2008), My One and Only (2009), Case 39 (2009) and My Own Love Song (2010) were followed by a six-year hiatus from acting work.

Zellweger returned to the screen in the highly-successful third Bridget-Jones movie, Bridget Jones's Baby (2016). as a local hire" in the Austin-filmed horror-comedy film My Boyfriend's Back, playing "the girl in the beauty shop, maybe two lines.

She also dated the White Stripes' guitarist Jack White in 2003, before marrying country singer Kenny Chesney in 2005.

The unlikely duo's quickie marriage was annulled in less than six months.

I wasn't as tolerant as I should have been and I wasn't as willing to fix things as I should have been.

Had marriage come later in life, I probably would have understood better how to make it work."Clearly, he thinks that time has come.

Although Clooney has been married once before, he has always made it clear he had no intention of venturing down an aisle again.

He and first wife, actress Talia Balsam, 55, married in 1989 at a Las Vegas Elvis chapel and divorced in 1993.

Yet although his perfect smile and crinkly-eyed charm make him the perfect romantic hero on screen, he has remained without a leading lady in real life. A serial monogamist, rarely seen without a beautiful woman on his arm, Clooney has always denied that he was marriage material so has surprised many by getting engaged, aged 52, to Amal Alamuddin, a 36-year-old Lebaneseborn, Oxford-educated human rights lawyer who speaks fluent French, Arabic and English and is an adviser on Syria to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

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