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However, I am good in bed and i was surprised that i was so good once i lost my virginity.I am only good because I dont think about myself and i only think about my partner and how he feels. Even black people ask me, "what are you" because i act so different and am so into my education and I go to a really good college, and my features too.

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I don't know how to respond." I said "you don't have to. His physical needs are met on a regular basis with some extra treats in between. Even though he has on multiple occasions said he feels guilty that I'm not satisfied after we make love, he doesn't seem to initiate other ways he could...

I'm just telling you." He cracks me up sometimes. On top of this he has quirks and I bring issues into our relationship that predate meeting him.

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I think its my west indian mentality that got me where i am, but perhaps you only see a girl as just black with no connections to anyone else and anywhere else except that which is blackest.

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Just as any couple can have, we have different sex drives, mine is stronger. Specifically, it is painful for me to speak about sex explicitly.

138035386 #17327By Anonymous on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - am These are the typical comments being thrown around in the south asian/desi male community. SHE HAS HELPED ME BECAUSE WHEN I FIRST CAME TO THIS COUNTRY, LIKE MANY INDIANS I DIDN' T USE DEODORANT AND DID NOT KNOW MUCH OF THE AMERICAN WAYS OF HYGIENE OR CULTURE.

People come to Aspie Central regularly, looking for advice on how to navigate or save their relationships with people they suspect or know may be on the spectrum.

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