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Users can go from one conversation to another, seeing other users on their Android terminal.

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On the other hand, if someone rubs you the wrong way you can jump immediately to the next conversation.

One of the problems with AZAR - Random Video Chat is that in order to meet people of the opposite sex, you have to pay money.

In the photo above, the special numbers are in the first column, with the Arabic letter they replace given in the second column. You can see the similarity in the shape of the letter!

that Oulaaa chat random is surely one of the most famous Arab cats and used on the Internet.

It’s an interesting product of the online generation.

The reason for its evolution, was that when computers and mobile phones first began to spread, it was only possible to write in the Latin script.

People started to look for ways to communicate in Arabic using the Latin script, and the Arabic chat alphabet was born.

Even now, with the spread of smartphones, where writing the traditional Arabic script is easy, many young people still prefer to write in this new way, because it allows you to keep the phone in English, and you can keep the writing setting from left-to-right (standard Arabic is written right-to-left).

The best android app of all time to meet the strangers is Omegle.

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