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The Traditions in question here are usually to the effect that such and such a passage was revealed in connection with such and such an event.

Thus sura 80.1-10 is said to have been revealed when a blind man called abd allah Abd-Allh umm maktum ibn-Umm-Maktm came up to him as he was talking to some leading men of Quraysh and hoping to win them over.

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Quran and dating

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On the opening night, Mufti Menk brought up an issue which always amazes me, the unique method in which the Qur’an begins.

This made me reflect on the opening pages of the Qur’an.

Surah Al-Fatiha and the first three pages of Surah Baqarah are an amazing and unique method of starting a book.

Stories of this type are said to deal with 'the occasions of revelation' (asbab asbb nuzul an-nuzl).

There is a well-known book on this subject by wahidi al-Wid (d. Unfortunately this traditional material suffers from several defects.

Sand blasted the house as the wind whipped through palm trees with brownish green leaves bowing to the sand driven slopes.

"Oh Muhammad," I said as I turned to see his face suddenly change. As I continued to shiver from the cold room, goosebumps crawled up my spine as I lifted my hands to my face.

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