Query for updating a node in a hierarchial tree structure

I am working on a Hierarchical Data tree structure that will output the information into XML.I am working from 2 web pages, one is from My SQL: Managing Hierarchical Data in My SQL ( I am trying to do is return the structure in XML and that is getting confusing for me.Is it possible to select all the rows in a tree-like manner? When I say 'tree-like', I mean recursively select the parent followed by all of its children, then all the children of each one of those and so on. My Friends and I have tried but we have fallen short of working solutions but will keep trying.

query for updating a node in a hierarchial tree structure-86

However, if a child node was selected and its parent or other ancestors were not, I could not set up the tree structure to present the selected nodes in.

So I have to make sure that along with certain specific nodes, also all their ancestors nodes are returned in order to restore the tree.

Preferably, we’d have just one query for each activity.

We’ll start by laying out our tree in a horizontal way.

The query is performed by walking the tree that is made up of parents and children, each non-root-node linked to a parent node.

A common example of a hierarchical query is the one involving Employees who are linked to each other through the Manager reference.

Introduction A Tree View control provides a way to display information in a hierarchical structure using nodes.

Root Node (Parent Node)The top level nodes in a Tree View is called the Root nodes.

We use the connection between MGR and EMPNO to build the hierarchy.

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