Purity christian dating

There comes a time when you need to have a serious conversation, with yourself and your significant other.Of course, I don’t mean you have to literally talk to yourself – that would be strange.

And while there was constant dialogue about men's sexual struggles and temptations, there was this eerie silence when it came to women. However, the more I opened up and shared my struggles with other single women, the more I realized I was indeed normal and in very good company. Or maybe the greater question is If I can testify to anything, it's that I found Christ to be greater than my sexual desires.

Sometimes my physical drives were so strong, I despaired—the long, intense fight for purity in a sexually-saturated culture seemed impossible.

It is freedom from anything that God did not plan for our life.

When it comes to sex, God designed it to be enjoyed within the covenant of marriage.

About a month in to our relationship, I decided I really needed to talk to my guy. We were lingering beside my car and we discussed our thoughts on purity.

We told each other our physical boundaries and the emotional connections to those choices. That doesn’t mean I knew everything about him; I knew his views on sex.

I am committed to living a life of purity and I proudly wear a purity promise ring because I’ve always told my students that I would never ask them to do anything I wouldn’t do.

In fact, I’ve encouraged them to inquire if they ever see me without my ring because that’s symbolic of breaking the vow.

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend of celebrities voicing their decision to abstain from sex until marriage.

Their decisions to do so range from personal, spiritual, and moral. The conversation about saving sex for marriage has certainly increased over the past few months, which is why we should take some time to remind ourselves that purity is more than saving sex for marriage. A plain definition of purity means to be "free from anything of a different, inferior or contaminating kind."For the Christian, purity is keeping anything out of our life that is not of God.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to convince them to live a life of purity when most of the adults around them are not.

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