Postdating a check in texas

You wrote bad checks, because there were not sufficient funds in the account at the time you wrote the checks.

Writing a postdated (PD) check is legal in Texas and all other U. states; therefore, cashing it before the date on which it is due for payment is not legal.

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You can land in legal trouble if you intentionally postdate a check knowing there will be no money in your account or the account will be closed by the check's date.

To defraud someone in such a way for goods and services is illegal in all states.

would it be a bad Idea to call the DA and tell them that the checks were post dated or should I just hope I dont get pulled over and try to hire and attny Ive read the Texas state law and its specifically excludes post dated checks Im sorry I just feel that I really havent done anything wrong...I owe the guys money absolutely...

Im not denying that but right now there just isnt enough to go around I talked with an atty about this last week that Ive used before he said that it was just a DA being a jerk and shouldnt be a problem to handle but he said I would cost 1500 I could pay a couple hundred just not 1500 an Ive been told legal aid takes months to get a response from and Im afraid its just a matter of time before they show up to arrest me.

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The date on the check does not control when the check can be cashed.Liability with a postdated check will generally not arise simply due to the date on the check but may surface should the check not clear the bank as scheduled by the check writer.Problems with writing a postdated check generally surface if the check is deposited or cashed prior to the date of the check and there are insufficient funds in the account at that time to cover the check.However, as a payment of a post-dated cheque is not a payment in due course (Section 10 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881), a bank will not normally pay it, even though a customer presents a post-dated cheque for payment.This is because a banker is required to pay the cheque in accordance with the apparent tenor (what is visible to the naked eye) of the cheque.People usually write PD checks when insufficient funds are available to cover the check on the date on which the payee needs it.

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