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So two seperate fromviews on the page.."A" and "B" That works fine, the issue is when I change the mode to edit previous entry.

So if I have a button or the default linkbutton to change from Read Only to Edit I not only lose bindings but any efforts to counteract that have left me with issues when I postback. Is Post Back Then 'pulling bindings from table cmd = New Ole Db Command("SELECT * FROM msl Toi", obj Con) obj Reader = cmd.

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It looks like this question was addressed here, but his solution did not work for me.

I am creating a dynamic dropdown menu system that populates a secondary dropdownlist with the results of a query based on the selected item in the first dropdown.

Also tried lots of other combinations of settings/organization that are escaping my tired mind at the moment. Events not firing on custom control inside Form View inside Update Panel Hi all- I have a custom control that I have been using inside a Form View; all its events have been firing properly.

Page code (at least what is current after tweaking/changing around/etc): If the Auto Post Back is set to true, then it doesn't update just the 2nd Update Panel, it reloads the entire page and throws an error because then there are no Tree View nodes or List Box items selected which the Check Box List needs to update. For whatever reason, I've found that not specifying an Event Name on triggers sometimes cures this problem. Recently I placed the Form View inside an Update Panel, and now the events of the control are not firing.

On the click of the Button the following event handler is executed.

A loop is executed over the Grid View Data Rows and Check Box is referenced.When an item in the List Box is selected, the event does not fire and the Check Box List is not updated.What I've tried: Putting both the List Box and Check Box List in the same Update Panel did not help. Setting the Auto Post Back on any combination of the controls still doesn't allow the update of the Check Box, but still updates the List Box fine. I want to move the selected items in the listbox to the Grid View when the Button is clicked. So I can not bind the List Box in the Page is not Post Back Block. Here, I fill the List Box based the Drop Down List Selected Index Changed Event.So here's the situation in my webform: I have a Tree View (not inside an Update Panel) that when a node is selected updates a List Box (is inside an Update Panel) and Enables the List Box.

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