Pokemon dating sim game

You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

Hope you guys like it :)The dialogues I put in here were taken from their respective games and obviously taken out of context.

The project is currently frozen and this thread is closed.

Meanwhile, some users online have begun posting information claiming to have insider knowledge on the upcoming game.

One user on 4chan posted the following information regarding the game: In addition to the above supposed “leaked” concept art was also posted online, show a number of reference poses for Gladion in his new getup.

People who would like to help in the future should PM me their email adresses. First off, I hope you guys don't mind that I write the same thread for the other board and this one. You (the player) are gymleader Brock (the protagonist) and – as we all know – a single like no other.

But you get a big opportunity when the Pokémon Association announces the very first WORLD TOURNAMENT!

The Pokémon Trainer Challenge gives players old a new a chance to create their own cartoon avatar and face-off against fourteen AI opponents on the field of battle.

The game will launch with three preconstructed decks to play with.

We do not claim it to be real and have chosen to post it for discussion purposes.

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