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Packages, however, are not as flexible as ports because package installations cannot be customized—if you have the need to customize the compilation options of your software installations, use ports instead of packages.In this tutorial, we will show you how to manage packages on Free BSD 10.1.

This list can also be useful if you are not using Ops Center.

Error messages: $ pkg publisher PUBLISHER TYPE STATUS P LOCATION solaris origin online F $ pkg publisher solaris Publisher: solaris Alias: Origin URI: command to remove that origin.

That is, you must be able to log in to the server as root or another user that has superuser privileges via the sudo command.

If you are planning on using root, you may omit the Running this command will initiate the installation of the package you specified.

This includes installing and deleting packages, among other related tasks.

To use the commands in this tutorial, you must have root access to a Free BSD server.

This is a text-based installer which includes Free BSD 10.0-Release under the hood.

It includes the following features: * ZFS on Root installation * Boot-Environment support * Command-Line versions of PC-BSD utilities, such as Warden, Life-Preserver and more.

3 # pkg update Updating repository catalogue pkg: Forbidden pkg: No digest falling back on legacy catalog format pkg: Forbidden # echo $?

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