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The engine starts in ten minutes and runs, we are told, without attention.' The larger road wheels of the vehicle were 42 in (1.07 m.) in diameter.The twins continued to develop vehicles, the twelfth of which they entered to a competition at Crystal Palace in 1897, without success.A beautiful quality hardback book consisting of 248 pages with over 250 b&w illustrations.

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We are not promising this is the answer to all your stuck key problems but it should certainly give you a real fighting chance.

Good quality British made fuel pump springs equivalent to Lister part number 002-00452 or A452 For all single cylinder Lister A, AK, B & BK engine models.

Gib key pullers suitable for use on all Lister A, B & D engine types with a 1.5" diameter crankshaft.

Manufactured for Stationary Engine Parts Ltd to our own original concept and design.

This web publication contains 124,282 pages of information and 192,528 images on early companies, their products and the people who designed and built them.

Hey, could anyone help me with a Petter M engine that doesn't make much sense. :):cheers: Hi There, I have to say that the 1915 date you mention above is certainly not the date of manufacture of your engine based on it's features (victory head, diaphragm fuel pump).

These are good quality, made from superior spring steel and finished to a high standard in the UK.

A quality Champion D16 spark plug suitable for use in all the Lister petrol engines including the popular Lister D type engine.

Supplied complete with box packaging and electrode protector.

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