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While Catholics hold much in common with various Christian denominations, one of the many differences that remain is the use of crucifixes. Since the very beginning of Christianity the cross was seen as a sign of victory over sin and death.

Catholics are well known for their use of crucifixes inside churches and homes, while Protestants are often hesitant and typically use a cross without a corpus. It was through Jesus’ sacrifice on Mount Calvary that the gates of Heaven were opened and the power of sin vanquished.

At the airport, Meg feels like a million bucks at her new job, but Marla is ready to see Meg go.

“This TSA isn’t sweaty enough for the two of us,” she says, cornering Meg in the TSA’s room of confiscated items.

Peter threatens to tell Cleveland’s wife, Donna, that he had sex with a stripper at a bachelor party.

Horrified, Cleveland runs away, and the men are tasked by their wives to find him.

While dad Peter is a tad dim and lazy, mom Lois is none of the above.

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