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Cambridge English Language Assessment reserves the right to change the terms at its discretion by changing them on this webpage of the Site.

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In addition, you acknowledge that our Site may be unavailable owing to maintenance, but where possible we will carry out such maintenance outside core operating hours, and we will try to minimise the period of any disruption. Code of conduct 2.1 You agree to ensure that any details which you supply to us through the Site are accurate and to let us know promptly if any of the details which you have supplied to us about you change.

2.2 If accessing any part of our Site that requires you to enter a password you agree to keep any personal login name and password for use on the Site confidential, and to be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of your password by any third party.

A household may choose EITHER a Chitina Subdistrict permit (below the bridge) OR a Glennallen Subdistrict permit (above the bridge), not both.

All household members must be listed on the permit, and must possess an AK resident sport fishing license if participating in the Chitina Personal Use fishery.

All students are required to complete Student Registration on an annual basis.

This is to make sure that the information held on your student record is correct: It is not a way of registering for, or applying for, a course of study You will need to create an account and log in to Self Service. You can request a new password by clicking "Forgotten password? You must complete your student registration by the deadline given in your email and are advised to undertake this as soon as possible. Your user name is the email address that we used to contact you. Registration is designed to be a simple process and will only take a few minutes. If you are 18 years old and older, you must have in your possession a valid Alaska resident sport fishing license, an ADF&G Permanent ID (senior license), or an ADF&G Disabled Veteran’s license to participate in personal use fisheries, but not in subsistence fisheries.The Chitina permit is for dipnetting in the mainstem of the Copper River downstream of the downstream edge of the Chitina-Mc Carthy Bridge to 200 yards upstream of Haley Creek.Put yourself on Waikiki Beach and other spots in and around Honolulu with these live web cams.

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