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The 31-year-old bride walked down the aisle in a bohemian design by Cortana, which she purchased at Loho Bride in Los Angeles and accessorised her bridal gown with a headpiece by Amaroq.Meanwhile the Troian and Patrick made their way to Santa Barbara in his remodeled bus To kick off the camp-themed wedding weekend, the couple welcomed guests with a dinner from food trucks on Friday.After earning the Jack Nicholson Award in 2004, which provided scholarships directly funded by the eponymous actor to outstanding performers at the school and earning his BFA, he immediately began working on a production of Edward Albee's The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? Adams appeared in episodes of Cold Case', 'Pretty Little Liars, Jack and Bobby, and has since had roles in Lost, Friday Night Lights, Without a Trace, Commander in Chief, Heartland, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Cupid, Luck, Raising the Bar Legends of Tomorrow, Lie To Me and Suits.

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Most of the guests slept in small white tents during their trip. co-star Zachary Quinto."o inspired by my dear friends consecrating their love with grace and style.

deeply moved by their commitment to truth and to each other," he wrote.

Bellisario, 30, films “Pretty Little Liars” in Los Angeles, while Adams films “Suits” for eight months out of the year in Toronto.

The new season of “Suits” picks up with Adams’ character heading to prison where he will serve a two-year sentence for fraud. “I get to work on one set, which means all my scenes are slammed together. I usually have to change between suits all day and now I get to put on my uniform and I’m in that all day.” Season 6 of “Suits” premieres on July 13 at 9/8c on USA Network.

In 2007, he moved up to guest appearances on top-rated shows like Lost, where he played a young man who sought out John Locke (played by Terry O'Quinn), while maintaining his presence in the Los Angeles theater scene, most notably with an award-winning production of "Marat/Sade," which he produced and directed for the Blue House Theatre Company.

Adams guest starred in Pretty Little Liars, in the 5th episode; "Reality Bites Me" as Ezra Fitz's college friend, Hardy. The couple, who have been engaged since 2014, turned the ceremony into a weekend getaway for guests, and even included a refurbished school bus that transported the wedding party to a venue in southern California. Adams on Saturday, December 10 in Santa Barbara, California.Patrick Johannes Adams (born August 27, 1981) is a Canadian actor and director.He is best known for playing Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout turned unlicensed lawyer in USA Network's hit TV series Suits.Want to weigh in with your opinions about all your favorite shows? , and start earning points just for watching and answering questions about your favorite shows!

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