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This will delete any content that’s currently on your device. (5) When asked to restore from a backup, select either i Cloud or i Tunes and follow the steps to restore from your previous backup.

Not all devices were affected, and the issue is now fixed so new upgrades won’t have this issue. (2) Also, check the Enable LTE setting and ensure that LTE is enabled for Voice and Data.

Many users are finding that their car or earpiece suddenly drop their connection, or refuse to connect if another device is already connected via Bluetooth.

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However, for those affected, it’s a pretty big slap in the face to find their i Device stuck and unusable before it can finish an upgrade. A number of users on Apple’s discussion forum and on other sites are complaining of issues with cellular data. (3) Try putting the phone in Airplane mode, then turning Airplane mode off. But the real takeaway should be that Wi-Fi is tricky to diagnose and it’s very difficult to say whether an update caused an issue or whether it’s just a slight difference that’s now more noticeable.

Some aren’t able to get their apps to access data when on LTE, others are saying their preferences have been reset, allowing all apps to access cellular data, even if they were originally set to off. (4) Open Settings The last step will erase any stored Wi-Fi passwords on the phone, but otherwise, leaves everything in place. Every i OS release brings with it a slew of complains about problems with Wi-Fi connectivity, and along with those new complaints, a sea of users who bemoan that the update did not fix their problem. Bottom line: if you’re experiencing Wi-Fi issues after upgrading, you should determine if the problem is happening at more than one Wi-Fi location.

Just wanting to gather some opinions on an issue I'm having with my isp over our data usage.

We've been with them for 2 years and had no problems but recently switched over to their wireless service and had no end of trouble since.

VPNs allows users to appear as though they are actually from a different part of the world.

3) If you recently changed your ISP or internet plan, check with your ISP that your IP address has been correctly set up as a NZ IP.

If not, you may need to check your own router setup, as the problem really could be there.

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