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But three points in the “newer” collection exhibit striking work—“stemmed” ends and fluting—of a caliber not seen in the other cache.These points, to which the term “beautiful” is often applied, are Clovis points.Forty years later, this rediscovered prehistoric slasher has reopened debate on a radical theory about who the first Americans were and when they got here.

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But all the US European-style tools, unearthed before the discovery or dating of the recently found or dated US east coast sites, were from around 15,000 years ago - long after Stone Age Europeans (the Solutrean cultures of France and Iberia) had ceased making such artefacts.

Most archaeologists had therefore rejected any possibility of a connection.

A remarkable series of several dozen European-style stone tools, dating back between 19,000 and 26,000 years, have been discovered at six locations along the US east coast.

Three of the sites are on the Delmarva Peninsular in Maryland, discovered by archaeologist Dr Darrin Lowery of the University of Delaware. A sixth was discovered by scallop-dredging fishermen on the seabed 60 miles from the Virginian coast on what, in prehistoric times, would have been dry land.

Add to that delicious mix the steady flow of house made breakfast and lunch dishes parading from the kitchen and you’ve got the quintessential small town eatery and coffee shop.

After ordering a flat white and grabbing a spot at one of the high-top tables, we were ready to find out more about how The Iron Horse – which opened just last Friday – came to be.On a Tuesday morning in fall 2013, Mike Collins loaded up his RV and started the 11-hour drive from his home in Austin, Texas, to Santa Fe, New Mexico.Collins was en route to the Paleoamerican Odyssey conference, where he and other researchers would lay out their evidence, gathered from sites throughout North, Central, and South America, as part of the ongoing effort to piece together a picture of how and when humans settled these lands millennia ago.The new discoveries are among the most important archaeological breakthroughs for several decades - and are set to add substantially to our understanding of humanity's spread around the globe.The similarity between other later east coast US and European Stone Age stone tool technologies has been noted before.After several months of renovations and a lot of elbow grease, The Iron Horse Coffee House & Eatery was born.

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