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He forgets a date Harry: You lay on the couch in your expensive red designer dress, the one you’d bought last week specifically for this occasion.

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Harry: “Babe, slow down we will get there on time,” you said holding onto the casserole dish in your lap.

You turned around to make sure the rest of the food hadn’t spilled across the car floorboard in Harry’s sharp turn.

When the room was about half finished the boys said, “(Y/N),” in unison.

“What,” you questioned turning around to be greeted with them flinging paint from their brushes on you.

You and Liam begin to get into a heated make out session when you heard a row of curse words fill the room. You were with Josh backstage when both of you began to become a little friendly, “Shouldn’t you practice banging on your drums?

“Oh my god Niall, I’m so sorry I didn’t know Y/N was your sister oh my god forgive me!

I just don’t want them to think I don’t respect the holiday,” You started laughing at his logic. ” “Trust me Harry, I am late more often than I am early they won’t think it was your fault,” you reached for his arm and ran your fingers over his bicep, “and if they do blame you, I’ll defend you,” He smirked before turning onto the street, “you better, because I slaved away in kitchen this morning over that food for your family,” “and thank you very much for that.

I don’t know what I would do without you, my amazing chef,” you said as he turned off the car and looked at the house, “alright,“ he took in a nervous breath and turned to you to smile, "let’s go eat,”Zayn:"Oh no,” you whispered as you sat the last dish on the counter. ” Zayn said coming behind you and laying his head on your shoulder.

Harry had made most of the food this morning since he was trying to make such a big impression on your family.

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