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Unfortunately, it is difficult to comprehensively determine whether a validation is ''sufficient," since (as discussed in Chapter 5) there are a large variety of defense systems, types of simulations, and purposes and levels of system aggregation for which simulations might be used.

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As part of system development, many industries, including the automobile industry, make substantial use of modeling and simulation to help understand system performance.

Modeling and simulation (sometimes referred to here as simulation) are currently used for a number of applications in the Department of Defense, notably for training users of new systems and to help support arguments presented in the analysis of alternatives (formerly cost and operational effectiveness analyses) to justify going ahead with system development.

Although a number of workshops have been devoted to the use of simulation for assisting in the operational test and evaluation of defense systems, the precise extent to which simulation can be of assistance for various purposes, such as aiding in operational test design, or supplementing information for operational test evaluation, remains unclear.

Great care is needed to ensure that the information provided by modeling and simulation is useful since the As the uses of simulation advance from training to test design to test evaluation, the demands on the validation of the simulation increase.

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This simulation model was validated with another shaker table experiment in which an instrumented missile system was vibrated in each axis at key frequencies found in the MIL-810G standard for accelerated vibration testing of military hardware.

The experiment consisted of 4 sine tones in each of the three axes, and through an iterative tuning process, the ADAMS model's prediction of the frequency spectrum of the bulk missile motion was matched closely to the experimental spectra.

This fixture was vibrated for a period of time and the experimental wear mass of the cube was compared to the predicted wear mass from ADAMS.

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