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Maybach O seems to be loving his time overseas — his previous music video, “BDY On Me,” was shot in Cape Town.

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While signed to MMG, his management company is none other than Jay Z’s Roc Nation label.

Jones are going at it, all thanks to his latest song. Omarion dropped his new song "It's Whatever," and he talks slick about his new life all while throwing in his ex and baby's mother Apryl.

Put that on my daughter and my son, every night I'm having flashbacks. you don't cross the line, f*ck your glass of wine It's whatever. But because I've been focusing on preparing a full body of work for you.

As we close out the year I wanted to take some time to thank every fan that's ever supported me, & followed my journey since day one.

Late in the year, Omarion recruited Brown, Jhené Aiko and DJ Mustard to release his platinum-selling collaboration, which peaked at No.

) And your chick, your chick (Mustard on the beat, hoe) [Chorus: Omarion & (Chris Brown)] If your chick come close to me She ain't going home when she post to be (no) I'm getting money like I'm post to be I'm getting money like I'm post to be Ooh, all my niggas close to me (ooh) And all them other niggas where they post to be Ooh, the hoes go for me Have your chick send a pic, like, "Pose for me!"We continue to love and support one another and still share a common goal to remain friends while being great parents to our children." Omarion, 31, and Jones, 29, started dating in 2012 and welcomed their first child, son Megaa Omari in 2014.In March, Jones gave birth to their second child, daughter A'mei Kazuko Grandberry.As an actor, Omarion is best known for his leading role as David in the dance film “You Got Served” in 2004.According to the Maybach artist, Omarion is currently working on his fourth studio album “Love & Other Drugs” which is slated for release in 2014.[Intro: Omarion] Haha, yeah, I'mma let it ride [Verse 1: Pusha T] (I'm just tryna know you better) Let's start with the basics, your in seam, what your waist is?

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