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Many cities have responded to rising affordability challenges with inclusionary housing policies, where a municipality requires or incentivizes a developer building a new development to contribute affordable housing units or pay a fee.

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came early in the afternoon, one day: “Can I come to your office? I work at the Drug Policy Alliance, an organization committed to ending the war on drugs and advancing more sensible approaches to drug policy.

However, inclusionary policies may also increase the supply of affordable housing, which would place downward pressure on prices.

This paper examines these relationships using the 2009 ruling by California’s Second District of Appeal, , which substantially weakened inclusionary housing policies in the rental market.

While the aim of these policies is to promote housing affordability, some critics have raised concerns about their potential unintended market consequences.

Specifically, to the extent that inclusionary housing policies create opportunity costs for developers and function like a tax on housing supply, they may stifle housing production and increase the price of market-rate units, reducing overall affordability.

” It was Gale from Park Slope; she’d just been arrested for possession of marijuana. When Gale arrived at our Manhattan office, she explained that she was a mother, a loving partner to her husband, and an accomplished artist and digital media producer.

She was, she said, a “regular person” who enjoyed using marijuana recreationally every now and then.

At present Sergey Medvedev is executive director and partner of investment company “A-Ventures” Phone.

7 (495) 66-33-900 Fax 7 (495) 66-33-901 E-mail: [email protected] Director Date of birth: May 6, 1975 In 1997 graduated from Ural State Technical University with specialization “Management”.

The Mironovs, avid amateur performers, were artistic and creative people in their everyday life.

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