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The seven-page outline includes few details and no dollar figures.

Jeremy Sharp, a city planner who has managed the Vision 2100 project, said the strategy is merely the “100,000-foot view.” City leaders, he said, will have to implement the vision through specific policies and changes in code.

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So officials have spent this year developing a strategy for how to thrive into the next century.

The first draft of the result, called “Vision 2100,” calls for new businesses, homes and government buildings to be concentrated inland, mainly in the eastern half of the city.

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Flooding and rising sea levels threaten the future of the city’s waterfront, including downtown and many neighborhoods.

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Bob Batcher, a community outreach specialist for the city, kicked off Thursday’s meeting by explaining the value of planning 85 years ahead: Even small changes made now can have a huge impact generations later.“It’s so much easier to say, ‘Eh, we’ll let the next generations worry about it,’ ” Batcher said.

And yet for all that I love about this place and the positive ways we’re changing, what I still love most is our untapped potential.

I have great confidence in Andria’s vision for our city, and in her willingness to bring a renewed sense of urgency to our council on our most pressing issues.

On those issues, we should be as optimistic as we should be impatient; we can be better, faster.

Andria is a smart, passionate, and thoughtful leader who has impacted this community across a host of important organizations, boards, and initiatives.

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