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"An assortment of authors promises and delivers a new and refreshing tale in each story the reader begins.

Focusing on African American characters and sexuality, as a reader, I found myself putting myself in the characters experiences and emotions.

“A campus has a hookup culture when hooking up is seen as the only or best way to be sexual with each other,” Wade said.

“Other ways of being sexual with one another are seen as somehow backward or strange.

A perfect read for any consenting adult of any nationality and color."―Night Owl Reviews"Sexuality is raw, primal, and can speak of much that words won't allow to be said.

"Making the Hook-Up: Edgy Sex with Soul" is a collection of stories edited by Cole Riley as he presents many stories of black sexuality, showing raw emotion and thought in its many forms, as the writings range from passionate to erotica and everything in between.

“In this hookup culture, the most important emotion to avoid is love,” Wade said.

“You don’t want to seem desperate because that makes you seem clingy and it implies a desire for someone that is not purely sexual.”Wade continued on to describe what she called the “emotion rules” of hookup culture — rules that students followed in order to guarantee both parties’ mutual agreement and understanding that the sexual activities were casual.

So hookup culture is this dominant idea that hooking up is what students should be doing.”Within hookup culture, Wade’s research found certain trends college students followed in terms of their perceptions of themselves and of their peers.

According to Wade, while being seen as a slut or a prude used to be the worst possible sexual demotion, modern hookup culture tended to see desperation as even worse than the former two.

From an armpit-licker to a hot mess of a human-gorilla, we've got the wacky, sexy stories you need to hear.

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