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Enjoy this outrageously funny comedy "match.con" starring Teri Marlowe and directed by yours truly, Priyom Haider.Filmed in true indie style with a Hollywood look ;) It had it's world premiere at IFS festival in Beverly Hills, California in May 2016 and won an "Award of Recognition".

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Relationship labels are no longer “cool.” These days, if you sit down to talk about your relationship with the person who has your spare PJs in his closet, he says, “Let's not put a label on this.”So cool! You this person is someone you shouldn't be messing with.

So if your significant other (if I may call him/her such) isn't gonna help you put a label on it, let me try to help.

The BBC released a statement saying: "We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in the same way as we do heterosexual relationships.

In this instance, Christian is enjoying the first flush of romance and we've shown him being affectionate with his new boyfriend in the same way any couple would." Guiding Light (also known as The Guiding Light) is an American television soap opera broadcast by NBC Radio, followed by CBS Radio and then CBS Television, which aired between January 1937 and September 2009.

It's also a home that is very much a part of its surroundings.

Perched above the street and featuring a front-yard patio, it's set within a vibrant Albany neighborhood of older homes.

This was followed by a "censored" homosexual kiss in 1996, which infuriated gay activists after the BBC cut the kiss from its original two seconds to a half-second, so they would not "startle" viewers.

and in 2008, a kiss between two gay characters prompted 145 complaints from viewers who were "appalled by the display of homosexual kissing before the watershed [...] whilst young children are watching".

With more than a decade spent in their home, R and L have plenty of home ownership tales and neighborhood love to share.

are Hospital-based and are funded by hospitals through either the hospital operating budgets or individual faculty research grants.

Whether or not you're “dating” in the traditional sense, you and this person you're regularly seeing (naked) are involved in SOME sort of relationship, right? According to our generation and its dominating hook-up culture, we accept vague definitions of romance… The fact of the matter is this: Even if relationships aren't “traditional,” Millennials engage in all kinds.

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