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But, then again, Nicholas seems to keep falling for it hook-line-and sinker, so perhaps it’s his own fault for not figuring out what is going on by now.What do you think and Jennifer Lawrence still calling her ex-boyfriend Nick Hoult?To the horror of parents and the delight of just about everyone else, the TV drama Skins blew the lid off what untamed teenagers get up to when let off the leash.

It prevents us being either shocked or consumed by envy.

But, for the past year, there has been no excuse for innocence, not since Skins was broadcast - a series with the unique claim to authenticity of being written, and acted, by teenagers.

This was neither the gleaming-teeth sanitised version of teenagerdom conveyed by American prime-time shows such as The OC, nor the downbeat documentary view that suggests all teenagers are gun-carrying crack addicts living on rundown estates.

Skins was a new idea for young people who don't like to be treated like kids: an f-word-laden comedy drama shown after the watershed when its target audience of under-18s is supposedly in bed, with a book rather than (as in Skins) the psychology teacher.

At the opposite end of the scale there’s Chris (Joe Dempsie), who is always game for a laugh and will do just about anything.

Chris’ passion is his psychology class, because nothing motivates him quite like his teacher, Angie. Pretty and pumped full of prescription medication, she lives in a world of imported carpets, private school and constant therapy - Tony has great fun with her.

If you don't want to know the score, look away now… And I had been worrying about her spending too much time plucking her eyebrows.

Boasting and exaggeration apart, teenagers have always got up to much more than parents know about and, mostly, ignorance is bliss.

A potent mix of humorous, heartbreaking and shocking stories unfolds as the group tackles the trials of adolescence while pushing boundaries and managing their parents in ways only teenagers can.

Skins, which won the Golden Rose d'Or for Drama and was nominated for a BAFTA award for Drama. He undermines his dad on a daily basis and effortlessly covers up for his little sister, Effy (Kaya Scodelario), the only one Tony really cares about, even if she does drive him mad.

Kaya, who played the oft sought-after Effy, is now 24, married, and expecting her first child.

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