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After featuring fictional couples and scandal-ridden pairs, two real-life idol couples are going head-to-head in this week’s Battle.

Not only are the contenders in the Battle of the Cutest Idol Couple two members of the same top girl group, they’re in opposite corners of the ring, so vote wisely!

As the two have great interest and passion in music, they quickly became close.

SNSD Yoona and Lee Seung Gi Tiffany, however, is preceded by member Yoona (Sooyoung also confirmed she was in a relationship with actor Jung Kyung Ho), who was in the spotlight earlier this year, when she confirmed she is dating singer and actor Lee Seung Gi after paparazzi photos of the couple surfaced.

Before Yoona and Lee Seung Gi made it official, fans couldn’t deny there was a little somethin’ somethin’ between the two as Lee Seung Gi has often publicly stated Yoona is his ideal type.

As soon as news broke that the two idols were an item, Tiffany and Nichkhun coolly confirmed the rumors.

While the news may have left many boys and girls heartbroken, the fans weren’t so surprised.

Yoona drama's income are pretty huge she has lots of CF since she was the previous CF Queen.

Even though Seunggi was the CF king for a few years got lots of dramas but I think Yoona's income On the July 11 broadcast of MBC "Radio Star", Nichkhun made his guest appearance on the show.

The news source cited multiple reps in the music industry who claimed that they have been cultivating a beautiful romance the past three months.

They first met while they were working on music last year, especially as Tiffany had met up with Cha Cha Malone, a producer under the agency AOMG, while preparing for her solo album.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany is in a new relationship?!

According to a new report on January 29 in Korean time, the famous idol (27) is in a new relationship with AOMG rapper GRAY (30)!

SEE ALSO: CNBLUE's Yonghwa says he wants to build a concert hall for bands in Korea A source close to the two revealed that the two broke up recently and had already told all their close friends. ", and it's said the two just couldn't find the time to see each other very much due to their busy overseas schedules.

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