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With little strength left, Avery was able to climb into the boat but the boat immediately capsized throwing Avery back into the turbulent waters.Throwing his hands up in surrender, Avery let out a final scream, fell backwards into the water and was swept to his death over the American Falls February 4th 1912 - by noon on Sunday, approximately 35 persons were standing on the ice bridge which had formed covering the Niagara River below the Falls each winter.

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In March, a late-winter cold snap left icy covering the sides of the waterfall, but many pictures circulating on the internet and social media claimed that it had actually frozen over entirely.

Some visitors to the falls ended up disappointed when they found out that Niagara Falls wasn’t actually frozen over.

This is not the first time that a frozen Niagara Falls has gained attention.

Last year some photos of the ice-draped waterfall went viral, thanks in part to a bit of a misunderstanding about just how icy it had gotten.

The extreme cold temperatures are helping create the frozen phenomenon.

When the weather is this cold, the tremendous amount of mist generated by the powerful waterfall turns everything around it into ice, building in ever-thickening layers that make for an incredible sight.

With temperatures dipping to 13 degrees below zero in the region, the famous waterfall has turned into a giant cascade of icy sheets.

Pictures of the frozen Niagara Falls have circulated around the internet, showing just how massive the ice is around the waterfall.

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