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Here is a personal account: This will be a personal account; I can’t speak for other Jews, I’m sure everyone will have their own opinions on this subject.First of all I’d like to say that I consider myself lucky.

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Our unique approach in creating a Jewish dating site has resulted in many Success Stories.

We blend cutting edge technology with our unique human touch, to create an online Jewish community like no other Jewish dating sites.

The Jewish Chronicle August 2009 Some vacations are good for a bit of relaxation, a little sightseeing and maybe a decent tan. Under the direction of Malori Asman — a mother duck, of sorts, to thousands of Jewish singles over the years — this 10-year-old company helps like-minded people connect with each other, while showing them the world.

Lebanon-based Amazing Journeys aims to do just that.

We are a not-for-profit Jewish introductions service, for singles aged 23 to 50 years.

We have taken the age old practice of matchmaking and modernised it, making it accessible to Jewish singles Australia-wide, regardless of religious affiliation. We are discreet and confidential – only you, your matchmaker and the people you are introduced to, know of your membership with j-junction.

The impact, says Bell, of the smart, often secular mid-century professional migrants, displaced by the rise of Nazi Germany, has been vast.

It is not just in New Zealand that members of the Jewish community “punch above their weight”.

Being Jewish in New Zealand hasn’t been much of a bad thing. Since the Second World War many have found a home here and raised families who raised families.

But not too long ago, antisemitism has reared its head.

Of course some (such as John Key) are included in the definition “Jewish community” even though he is not of the Jewish religion.

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