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I don't know an infant with no mother just kind of makes me sad.Having a family with a guy one hasn't even been dating for a year seems jejeune, and foolhardy. Even Nate knows it won't last before his Jeremiah makes an upgrade."Straight people do it all the time, albeit usually unintended."Yep.Is Miss Nate going to deliver the baby through his mussy? Btw, that boyfriend is MUCH better looking than Nate. So why are all the self-loathing gays here holding gays to a different standard?

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I can totally see him making impulsive buys but who cares. He does sound like he's gone a bit Hollywood for sure.

Christ, I'm all for gay parenting, but why can't they just adopt babies.

Thomas and his wife, Nancy, are a happily married couple who run a small business, live in a normal neighborhood and are expecting their first child. The husband, Thomas, is the one who's pregnant.

9 October 2008How to handle being propositioned by a friend's spouse, learning that your preteen child is being propositioned for oral sex, criticizing a friend's personal style, telling a friend she has bad breath, and much more!

Remember, the poor guy went through hell in that Tsunami where he lost his boyfriend.

After something like that, he probably feels he has to live to the fullest. Showtune Sunday: Dubbing Through the Decades in Musicals – even Angela Lansbury was once dubbed! Wishing a very happy 4th wedding anniversary to longtime couple John Barrowman and Scott Gill So Out Magazine has finally finished revealing its complete list of the annual Out 100.I do find it interesting to find Ricky Martin and Johnny Weir on the same cover because they have conducted themselves so differently.Plus, why women are falling hard for Work Out's Jackie Warner.Nate Berkus became a familiar face to viewers of The Oprah Winfrey Show more than a decade ago as an interior designer who was a frequent guest on the show. Out chronicles the 100 LGBT movers and shakers who made big impressions on the cultural and social fabrics of this year.

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