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How can I unlock my i Pod, i Pod nano, or i Pod touch if I forgot the "Screen Lock" code? How do I reboot or restart a "frozen" or "hung" i Pod? Does the i Pod touch 4th Gen provide a camera that is "good" for my needs?What are all the differences between the i Pod touch 5th Generation (A1421/A1509) and the i Pod touch 6th Generation (A1574)? How many songs does each i Pod, i Pod mini, i Pod nano, i Pod touch, and i Pod shuffle hold? How can I unlock my i Pod, i Pod nano, or i Pod touch if I forgot the "Screen Lock" code? How fast is the i Pod touch 4th Generation compared to the i Phone 4 and original i Pad in "real-world" use?Americans must choose between “chemical” sunscreens, which have inferior stability, penetrate the skin and may disrupt the body’s hormone system, and “mineral” sunscreens, made with zinc and titanium, often “micronized” or containing nano-particles.

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Then check to see if the output says x86_64 or i686. This will tell you what the current stable version of the kernel is.

If it’s x86_64, then you’re running the 64-bit version; otherwise, you’re running the 32-bit version. You can try out release candidates if you’d like, but they are a lot less tested than the stable releases.

Well, you know that I keep it real with all of you. I tried my hand at multiple DIY sunscreen recipes last summer. As many of you know, I handcraft my own Pronounce Skincare line, so I didn’t even think about putting it onto the blog… I recently did the same thing with my Smooth Finish Organic DIY Foundation (with sunscreen).

So, just exactly why have I been sitting on this post? not only was the recipe a hit, it was a smash hit as a seller in my shop. The DIYers get to make it and everyone else can simply purchase my healthy deodorant.

is unprecedented, with a new major release approximately every two to three months.

Each release offers several new features and improvements that a lot of people could take advantage of to make their computing experience faster, more efficient, or better in other ways.Your distribution constantly asks you to update your kernel....Disclaimer: As some of our literature may have mentioned before, updating your kernel does carry a (small) risk of breaking your system.The problem, however, is that you usually can’t take advantage of these new kernel releases as soon as they come out — you have to wait until your distribution comes out with a new release that packs a newer kernel with it.We’ve previously laid out the benefits for regularly updating your kernel If you're using a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Fedora, you're also using the Linux kernel, the core that actually makes your distribution a Linux distribution.If this is the case, it’s usually easy to pick an older kernel at boot time that works, but something may always go wrong.

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