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In our exclusive Sunday World investigation, it took less than a minute for our reporter to create a fake online account.

When we complete a short bio we were asked to define exactly what arrangement we were seeking.

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In July, Samantha De Fazio revealed how she was given €1.7 million by one man she met on the site.

Single mum Samantha (32), from Los Angeles, told reporters how she charged men up to €520 for a date – despite insisting she never slept with any of them.

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After she met one internet entrepreneur for dinner and happened to mention an idea she had for an app, her date was so impressed he decided to invest a whopping €1.7 million What sets this online dating operation apart is that users are separated into two different categories.

Men are defined as ‘Generous’ users who splash the cash to attract a potential match, while women are classed as ‘Attractive’ members, and have the power to accept, decline or counter cash offers.

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In addition, there is no tool to verify users’ ages, while users – who can sign up in a less than a minute – can specify a preference for meeting new people who are as young as 13. They are then invited to take a selfie, or use a photograph from their gallery. As with other dating apps, such as Tinder, users can select people they would like to get in touch with by swiping right.

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