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He also hid behind the online alias "Chris Richardson.” Lombardo's sentence by U. She talked about his impact on her life and how now, years later, she no longer views herself as a victim.

As part of a plea deal, Lombardo admitted using messaging apps and websites, many of them popular with teens, to victimize the three girls over a two-year period ending in 2014.

A man who hid behind messaging apps and meeting sites to prey on underage girls is going to prison for 15 years.

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Pritchett was arrested earlier this month on child pornography and sex-trafficking charges in what prosecutors are calling the latest warning about the dangerous relationship of teens, social media and sexual predators. “When it comes to criminal activity, a smartphone can be as dangerous as a gun.” Pritchett continued to prey on young girls, even though Erie County prosecutors had a case against him in July 2014, court papers allege. “Someone dropped the ball,” Mc Carthy said in federal court.

In Virginia, the murder of a 13-year-old girl last month is being linked to Kik, the messaging app used by millions of teens. And that prompted a federal judge last week to ask: Why did it take more than 18 months to get him off the streets? “It seems someone should have taken him off the street before now.” That is when the federal prosecutor explained that the initial charges against Pritchett were state court charges, and the Erie County district attorney was responsible to prosecute once he made bail.

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The FBI says Lombardo's "sextortion" case - he pleaded guilty to three child pornography charges - is the latest reminder of the risks facing teens who use social media and smartphones.

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