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For the losers Pratiksha Mitari was the lone goal-getter.

In another girls Group B match, Football Leaders Academy routed Gondia DFA 4-0.

‘Maharashtra State Water Polo League’ at Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune.

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Native Christians include East Indians (ethnic group) Catholics who were converted by the Portuguese, during the 17th & 18th century.

Malayogam was launched in 1984 as the first computerized matrimonial in Kerala.

In another incident, a 16-year-old girl from Khar committed suicide after finding out that she did not pass the exam.

The Khar police said Namira Shaikh found out about her marks in the afternoon, and soon after, locked herself in her room and hanged herself from the ceiling.

On a day of mis-matches, Mumbai District Football Association girls drubbed their counterparts from Kolhapur 12-1 in the Oorja-CAPFs Under-19 Football Talent Hunt 2017 for the Olympian S S Narayan Trophy at the RCF ground here today.

Bhagshree Dalvi notched five goals for the winners in the Group A game while Reetika Sahani, Karen Pais, Atisha Saini scored a brace of goals each while Tricia Collaco rounded off the tally.

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while the big fishes like the politicians, corporate bosses and bureaucrats can get away with anything and everything no matter how heinuos their crimes, a common man can land into jail even for uttering an innocuous comment without any crime.

The religions represented in Mumbai include Hindus (67.39%), Muslims (18.56%), Buddhists (5.22%), Jains (3.99%), Christians (4.2%), Sikhs (0.58%), with Parsis and Jews making up the rest of the population.

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