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Today, Cenac continues its pioneering way in the marine industry with the newest and most innovative inland push boat and tank barge fleet operating within the US Inland Waterways System.Cenac Marine Services caters to all major oil companies and refineries, transporting crude oil, residual fuels, feedstocks, lubricants, petrochemicals, refined products and LPG’s.

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The company is guided by the values and principles established by Arlen “Benny” Cenac’s grandfather, Jock Cenac, over 88 years ago: a commitment to employee satisfaction and great company morale.

Benny takes pride in continuing the legacy started by his grandfather that was continued by his father, Arlen Cenac Sr., until it was passed down to Benny in 1981.

When you think about the way in which technology has impacted our world—from the environment, to our medical achievements, to human relationships — are you generally optimistic or pessimistic about its influence?

Do you think technology has consistently improved our lives for the better, and that it will continue to do so into the future?

Most of our intolerance is racial or religious or political or class warfare.

It’s fanned by the same type fanatics that applied torch to tinder since time began.

This first “Reflections” post on Techno-optimism and Techno-pessimism asks you to consider, “What are your general views towards technology, and how did you arrive at those views?

”Many of us have opinions about technology that can be classified along the spectrum of being a “techno-optimist” or a “techno-pessimist” — categorizations that reflect our general attitude about our technological past, present, and future.

The following was penned after he'd heard some upright citizen from his locale proclaim that he's "certainly not a bigot—far from it—but facts are facts and you can't deny them people are not our equals. They defecate all over the roads And they eat uncivilized food.

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