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Instantly, a tingling sensation of fear spreads from head to toe, and a wandering mind ensues - an ugly ticket that will cause higher monthly insurance payments is 15 minutes away.However, unlike in yesteryear when cops would approach wrongdoers with wimpy looking cars that looked like they could be outrun, many police departments are wielding a secret weapon in 2014, a true beast on four wheels: the Ford (F) Interceptor.

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A year later the same car is gray, wearing 20-inch Viper wheels, equipped with front and rear nerf bars and some brackets on its roof, and the interior has been turned black.

And while it showed only a few hundred miles on its odometer, those had clearly been very tough miles. As anyone who has seen the film's trailer knows, the SRT8's role is at the climax where it, along with some Alfas, brings down a Russian Antonov cargo plane that's trying to take off.

You're heading down the road and suddenly a police car is hugging your bumper with lights blaring.

How did we NOT notice them hiding behind a bush, especially seeing as police tracking app Trapster is a download on the Apple (AAPL) i Phone sitting on the passenger seat!

That said, hidden down in the lowest level of the convention hall, tucked all the way in the back of the room is a true gem of a display.

I can confidently say that the wonderfully eclectic collection of vintage NYPD patrol cars and motorcycles on display is a can’t-miss.

So how can you increase horsepower without switching up your engine?

NEW YORK (The Street) -- Introducing the new Ford (F) Interceptor: Consider this scenario.

But there was some cosmetic work that needed to be done.

Up Grayed In early 2012 Mc Carthy organized a developmental test session for the cars at California's Willow Springs Raceway.

If you find yourself at the show this year, once you’re done wandering around the main floor and see all there is to see, make your way to the best part of the show, which for some reason is hidden in the basement.

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