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Non-technical issues such as intended application (street, race, milage or??

), budget, expected RPM range, etc must be considered along with technical things like compression ratio, Cylinder head and valve sizes, exhaust system, carburetion, etc.

Timken Front Wheel Bearing Kit For 1 Side Sprite Mg Midget Morris.

Camshaft selection can be as complicated as you like, but for the ultimate performance, even if that means best gas mileage, requires that you consider the entire envelope that the camshaft will work within.

Since 1966, the Barnes family has been dedicated to producing a quality oil pump for all types of race engines.

For 50 years, the Barnes name has been recognized in racing communities around the world for quality, performance and reliability unsurpassed.

As Mike points out in this article, the group was setup to help owners maintain their cars and offer moral support, something which we hope holds true today.

One of the first questions people often ask, is how many twin cams currently survive from the 2111 production and two prototypes made between the launch day at Chobham (as shown in the photo above) in 1958 and June 1960.

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