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The Memphis Belle was actually the first-ever B-17 Flying Fortress ever to complete 25 combat missions and remain intact without a single crew member being lost in action.Flying 25 successful combat missions meant that the crew could return home to the United States for other military duties after their tours.Below is his own story of how he got through such an epic experience, raising an amazing total of £630 for our Urban Peregrines Project.

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Bank Holiday weekend had finally arrived and it was time to load my car and head to Bath to start my 250 mile cross country bike ride to Norwich in aid of the Hawk and Owl Trusts Urban Peregrine Project.

Andy and Heather of the Trusts Bath and West Wilts group were to be my support crew and delivered me to St Johns RC Church at 7.45am where we also met other members of the trust who had come along to wave me off and wish me well.

The restoration of one of the most famous US Air Force planes to fly during World War II is finally nearing completion.

The Memphis Belle is widely considered to be one of the most significant Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers still in existence, but the road to completing her restoration has been long and difficult. Pilot Morgan initially wanted to nickname the plane Little One, which was his pet name for his love interest, but he decided to name her the Memphis Belle after the riverboat owned by the lead character in the movie Lady for a Night.

The church may date from Norman times but what we see today is essentially sixteenth century or later.

The church has a stained-glass window, crafted by William Morris and Burne-Jones but the organ prevents visitors easily seeing the window from the interior.

This famous plane got her nickname from her pilot, Robert K Morgan, who chose to name her in honor of his sweetheart, Margaret Polk. The Memphis Belle’s world-famous livery, which depicts a pinup girl facing away from onlookers, is a copy of a George Petty drawing that appeared in the April 1941 issue of Esquire magazine.

It was painted onto the plane by the 91In addition, the famous livery also contains a series of 25 bombs to indicate each of the missions that the Memphis Belle flew during the Second World War, as well as eight swastikas to indicate how many enemy Axis aircraft the plane shot down during her missions.

The sun came out and the birds of prey took to the sky.

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