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Xander Feng's erotic asphyxiation Who is this man? Sure, we get the sense that Feng is a bored and slightly scary billionaire.

But despite all his wealth, he only ends up being a pawn in Tusk's game — and his strange sexual fantasies never come back into play.3.

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No brakes, I need State Farm So many watches I need eight arms One neck but got eight charms Who gon stop me huh? (Black cards, black cars, black on black, black broads Whole lotta money in a black bag, black strap: you know what that's for) is one of the more memorable from that album: a propulsive synth-driven beat meets some of the best lines on the album.

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Some viewers might have questioned whether they could top that drama in the second season — but the end of episode one assured us that are disposable (except, perhaps for the Underwoods themselves), the writers proved them wrong.

Series co-lead Kate Mara was given the heave-ho (literally) in just the first episode.

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