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Me So Far was created as a new way to meet people - one that emphasizes dimensionality, honest stories and fun.

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There's nothing more attractive than hearing how someone is a great friend.

However, we often hear the hilarious and heartfelt details of a person's friendship at weddings and funerals. I had the idea for “Meet Our Amazing Friend Night” over three years ago.

With the series premiere of "Chicago Med," the latest installment in the "Chicago" trilogy produced by Dick Wolf, coming up next week, reporters on Monday got a behind-the-scenes look at the shows' sets and a chance to interview most of the cast from all three shows, speed-dating style. D." star Jon Seda was hobbling Monday, thanks to running his first marathon that past weekend. Co-star Christian Stolte said Walker neutralizes his British accent.

The casts from the franchise, "Chicago Fire" (now in its fourth season), "Chicago P. Seda completed the race in five hours to benefit a childhood cancer awareness charity. "He’s doing a perfectly passable and acceptable American accent, and the same for Jesse too.

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards and the band Rush will appear on an episode of "Chicago Fire" next week."It's really funny. Stars, they're just like us and have their must-see TV shows, too.

They're very funny," executive producer Derek Haas said of Rush, who finished their anniversary tour in August. On their list: "Fargo," "The Walking Dead," "You're the Worst," "Patriot," "American Horror Story," "Game of Thrones," "2 Broke Girls," "Homeland," "Mr. The Zumba episode on "Chicago Fire" was the most fun Joe Minoso had on the show so far."It was more fun watching everyone try to follow me. My family has been in the industry, so I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of people I’ve admired. ‘Get off my plane’ from 'Air Force One.' And then I met Gary Oldman, who worked on a documentary about my grandfather [Steve Mc Queen], and that was a great honor to meet him,” he said. "Chicago Fire" star Joe Minoso is a fan of Red Eye.About a year after the wedding, they decided to pursue a relationship.She initially asked me my thoughts, and I let her know I thought she could do better, as this guy lived several states away at the time, smokes, drinks heavily and didn't have a job, among other reasons.For the not-so-musically-inclined, hit Movieoke at The Whistler on the first Monday of every month, where instead of song lyrics, you'll be quoting your favorite movie scenes on stage.Just stay away from anything from Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, bring a bottle of wine, and kick back on the lawn.Me So Far was inspired from a very simple insight: People connect when they listen to each other.

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