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WTF AWESOME #Im ACelebrity AU," @Noora Jackson [email protected] Tofilau wrote, "@Im ACelebrity AU wow, my all time fave singer @michaeljackson used to date #Celeb Maureen , that is awesome!!

Just like she hinted she and eve plumb had a lesbian affair to get folks to buy her book, and it was all BS.

Nothing like that ever happened, that's why Eve has not spoken to her in 10 years, and refuses to do any BB reunion if Maureen is involved.

Because of the heavy work scheduled that day for the J5 in connection with their TV special, the Bradys and the J5 didn’t get nearly enough time together – but in the short span they did spend talking, Michael managed to exchange phone numbers with Chris and Maureen!

Maybe because the Brady gang were so busy filming their TV series and doing personal appearances – and because the Jackson 5 are constantly on the go with recording dates and concert tours – months passed by without Michael calling or seeing Maureen or Chris.

I remember when she was on that BITCH Jenny Jones talk show and she played the entire audience and the host dust because she was totally over all the Brady bunch fan nostalgia crap. don't really care..." Eve was like "I don't.... This is not new, this been said years ago, fake Tatum O'Neal said the same thing, even though when Michael was alive she never acknowledge him until his death. The real Michael had some of ya'll fooled, from his voice to his image. And Michael just didn't like only white women, He liked younger women, he liked older women, he liked thin women, he liked fuller-figured women.

I mean it was just a show and I've done sooo many other important things in my REAL life, I really don't want to be here talking about the Brady bunch" Jenny replied- Well can you just say Marcia, Marcia, Marcia for us? black, white, hispanics, asian, blasians , east indian.

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The Brady Bunch Hour is an American variety show featuring skits and songs produced by Sid & Marty Krofft Productions in association with Paramount Television that aired on ABC from November 28, 1976 to May 25, 1977.

This is the biggest news the entire time I have been here. Even though it was the first time Swan and Heinrich had heard Mc Cormick's story, she revealed that juicy titbit in her biography Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice.

Viewers also found the story entertaining."OMG MICHAEL JACKSON AND #Celeb Maureen ???!

In the short time they got to chat that day, Michael was immediately drawn to Chris Knight and Maurren Mc Cormick.

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