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We ask it where it was last night, and who was driving. It’s also one hell of a sticky interface, likely to make me brand-loyal over a lifetime. I’m pretty sure that tapping on an MP3 player seemed like a weird way to hail a cab, find a destination, order a pizza, and stream a movie once upon a time.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about chat as an interface (something Dan Grover’s hit on first.) It’s fueled by the rapid adoption of Slack, and announcements that other companies, from Wechat to Facebook to Kik, are rolling out bots and opening APIs to let algorithms join us in chatrooms.

Facebook’s building a universal personal agent dubbed M.

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Here’s the short list: And from there, maybe we can make some stupid guesses about the future of human-machine interactions.

Our car tells us when it needs oil, or when it’s time to change the tires. A conversation with my car is an insurance record; a maintenance history; and a huge opportunity to sell me things.Très pratique car légère et compacte, elle est aussi économique : un sac de 1.5 kg dure 1 mois !Ses nombreux avantages : La litière Nullodor pour chats matures 6 a la particularité de changer de couleur en fonction de l’urine.En effet, les besoins en nourriture peuvent varier grandement d'un chat à l'autre.Les indications présentées sur la boîte ou le sac doivent servir de référence de départ.En savoir plus Votre mère vous l'a probablement répété des centaines de fois : le poisson c'est bon pour la santé.

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