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People tend to focus on strategies, gimmicks, pick-up lines, etc.This is not the way to attract a partner into your life.Send us an email at info[at]to set up a flexible instalment plan.

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I went out day and night for several years, approached tens of thousands of woman… I got so good, people began to come to me for advice.

I worked for two of the leading dating coaching companies and have run hundreds of seminars around the world explaining how I did it and how you can do it too.

I’ve seen every conceivable dating issue a man could have.

I believe I have a universal set of guiding principles, ideas and techniques that in unity will give you what you need to be successful with women, no matter what the starting point.

Makeup is magic, but some of us cake it on so thick we look like men trying to impersonate women.

Perfume is alluring, but some of us bath in bottles of the cheap stuff.

You can see if these looks are available in your size at Goodnight Macaroon.

Leave the chunky heels and bomber jacket way way waaaaay in the back of your closet. I love soft colors and sheer fabrics, coupled with dainty earrings.

Feeling feminine and looking feminine starts in the mind and then expresses itself through your mannerisms and presentation. Just like clothes make the man, perfume and heels make the woman. From a fashion point of view, feminine is delicate, flowing, and light.

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