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Also if couple are coping with issues around separation or forgiveness counselling can help them deal with the emotional fallout such as anger and guilt.

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I assist couples in improving their communication skills and strengthening their bond as a couple.

I believe in helping couples explore their strengths and their aspirations as a couple and as individuals.

Being very , therapists are able to determine where poor lines of communication have resulted in misunderstandings that can create resentment and hardness of heart.

Here's where you can meet singles in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Jewellery stores or town administrators in Saskatchewan generally provide this service.

Marriage licences purchased outside Saskatchewan are not valid for marriage in Saskatchewan.

Gaining an understanding of each others needs can help couples support each other through adversity and help create and maintain a strong family unit. Sojonky has taught and worked in the area of Marriage and Family therapy for over twenty years.

Couples, families and children are welcome and will find a caring environment to discover a path towards restoration and growth. Couples, Families and Relationships I can help couples work on improving intimacy and/or enhancing their sex life.

For example, couples purchasing an Alberta Marriage licence must be married in Alberta.

Please contact the Marriage Unit for specific information on where to purchase marriage licences. The marriage licence must be purchased at least one day prior to the wedding day.

Many things that were once considered taboo – queer sexuality, anal sex, – gradually gain more visibility and acceptance in the mainstream.

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