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This is the version that will be used by Mandriva in its future products which will be based on Mageia.

to switch slides To help keep your version of Opera up-to-date, with the latest features and important security and stability fixes, Opera includes an automatic update mechanism.

urpmi is a Mageia/ROSA Linux/Mandriva Linux package management tool for installing, removing, updating and querying software packages of local or remote (networked) media.

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The auto-update dialog appears after a recommended update has been released.

This is a simple tutorial that will teach you to configure your system to automatically install security updates.

I am not completely sure that it is the same bug because the . Be careful, in my case, I had this module for Python2.7 but not for Python3.4!

) PS: This bug was described here: bug/1415128 Thank you for your interest in this question.

There's currently no graphical method to just set the entire system to update unattended for everything (you want to play it safe when it comes to automatic upgrades), but setting security updates automatically is a good idea.

Today, when i boot the Ubuntu (14.04 LTS), the software updater and Software & Updates(from Settings) are not working.

Note that both of them dont show any error message. This command run very fast, means (i think) my Ubuntu is not updated properly. I do not get any error message but when I click on the icons of Software updater and Software & Updates, nothing happens.

Those 2 features are working perfectly the last time i use Ubuntu. The update from software updater always have big size hence the download should be slower. And Software updater does not prompt me for updates any more.

Click the 'Settings...' button, then on the 'Updates' tab, select the radio button 'Install security updates without confirmation.' To automatically install all updates, see the answer below. unattended-upgrades is one of the best practices of having automatic updates, especially for headless machines or servers!

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