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Born to a poor family in 1872, Mitchell grew up resenting unfair treatment such as being made to darn her brothers' socks while they got to relax.

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Their fight for equality, which escalated in violence in 19, is depicted in the new film 's creators learned about the many working-class women who fought for the right to vote.

One woman who inspired them was Hannah Webster Mitchell.

It’s incredibly rare that any dramatic television series lasting over three seasons will — but when the person who dies is a lesbian or bisexual character, queer fandom takes it pretty hard.

This is perhaps life’s most unfortunate fact: that people will die and leave the rest of us behind.

The wrapping on principal photography follows an event earlier this week where members of the press got a first look at some Black Panther footage.

Reportedly, highlights of the footage included the costumes, the blend of technology and tribalism, and the Dora Milaje.

Yet, most fans of , Andy Griffith set a festive, frolicsome tone.

And he loved to stage practical jokes, particularly when they targeted Don Knotts.

Just one so far In it, we see Rey training, Finn in some kind of machine – possibly a ‘bio-hexacrypt’ – and Poe Dameron’s ship being blown up by the First Order.

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