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February 21, 1989Brooklyn, NY5'11Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, High School of Performing Arts Single Monique Coleman, Keke Palmer, Maddie Cyrus, Maiara Walsh, Jaime Murray, Makeshia Lucien Martha Reivers (mother), David Reivers (father), Hunter Reivers (sister), Phoenix Reivers (sister), Jag Reivers (sister)@Corbin Bleu Nathan Mc Hugh (Flight 29 Down), Chad Danforth (High School Musical), Izzy Daniels (Jump In!), Usnavi (In The Heights), Jeffrey King (One Life To Live)Bleu's mother wanted to name him Bullet after the U2 song "Bullet the Blue Sky," but his father disagreed with the name so they chose Corbin.

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