Make a dating site drupal

These websites can also contain flexible forms which contain fields such as name, age, occupation, location, interests, hobbies etc.

It is now time to say goodbye to those cheesy pink and glitter dating website templates and say hello to a new genre of minimalism.

The best free and premium drupal themes are dedicated for dating websites and hence come with the complete package of grid or list views, image thumbnail areas, a ready to use contact form, and more. Most interesting feature about these new Drupal dating themes is their background.

All procedures were made as simple and clear for you as possible, so you can easily add the needed content to the website.

Filter option for portfolio allows you to apply filters by category or tags.

Till date, we are used to seeing static picture or texture backgrounds, but with these new templates one can pick between picture slideshow or video background to go with the dating theme of the website in general. These websites can be accessed from any device by virtue of their responsive nature.

They also come with multiple theme colors and layouts, sets of such colors and layouts can be downloaded later for your premium templates.

However, it’s a bit complicated to set up your site with Drupal – especially if you’re a beginner.

So, before building a website with Drupal, we recommend you have some basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and other common web programming languages.

The slider and other essential components are built to be 100% responsive and guarantee optimal UX for any medium.

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