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I am a 2 year old lovebird with a Beak & Feather Disease which causes my feathers to fall off.

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Lovebyrd dating service

“ It was upper and middle class women who, in many ways, established the hobby of bird-watching.

They were interested in nature and humane activities, rallying to end the shooting of songbirds and the slaughter of other species for their plumes.” (In the Field, Among the Feathered: A History of Birders and Their Guides by Thomas R Dunlap) Perhaps it’s appropriate then that the Lilians Lovebird (Agapornis lilianae), a bird with one of the most beautiful plumages in Africa, was named after a woman.

In all that lovebird excitement, you may have unknowingly stumbled into one of the Five C's — unhealthy dating pitfalls common to all couples.

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The viral disease, extremely contagious among birds, attacks the feather follicles, as well as the claws and beaks.

It means Rhea can’t grow feathers and is unable to fly.

The female Lilian’s Lovebird incubates about 4 to 5 eggs for 22 days.

After about 44 days from hatching, the chicks are ready to leave home.

The world has fallen for a tiny naked lovebird called Rhea.

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