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They met at an LPA convention, and though they talk every night, they've only spent about three weeks together in person.

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Both Matt and Amy are ecstatic to be grandparents, but divorced life while living 500 feet from each other doesn't get any easier.

This gets further complicated as Amy's relationship with her boyfriend Chris progresses, and Matt reveals that he is in a relationship as well.

"Are you guys going to find out if you're having an LP [little person]?

and his wife Tori may welcome their little boy into the world sooner than expected. But if the baby decides to stay put for another week, Tori will be considered full term and labor can safely start at that point.

In other words, she's having warm up contractions, something that happens to many women a few weeks before they have their baby.

" Some fans instantly thought that her post was a hint that she'd be going into labor soon., it's more likely that they are Braxton Hicks contractions.In a "Little People, Big World" teaser, Zach tells his mom, Amy, that he went to the doctor with Tori.They were told that the baby's limbs measure "below average," but it's "not for sure" that the baby will be born a dwarf.Becky, who's now 28 and prefers that her last name not be used, says: "My whole life I was saying, I'll date whoever I connect with, but it happens that my two relationships have been with little people." She says that's probably because they've faced common obstacles — but dating other little people has brought challenges of its own.Little people are probably just as likely to marry or have long-term relationships as average-sized people, says Leah Smith, vice president of public relations for LPA. They may have to deal with prejudice from average-sized people — Smith says lots of her female friends have been told by men, "If you weren't little I would date you." And if they want to date other little people, they have to navigate dating in a community that's small and spread out — and can have a big gender imbalance.Briana's aiming to be the first little person to become a big-time model, and got in front of a camera to prove her skills.

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